As pioneers of Indian architectural glass art since 1986, Glass Fusion (India) has been established with the purpose of creating and offering clients, world class GLASS ART & INSTALLATIONS.

Backed with committed research, revolutionary design skills, engineering acumen and decades of the Design Director Mr. Kayur Patel's experience in the Indian and global architectural scenarios, each project undertaken is completed with utmost innovation, detailing and professionalism.

The deep and thorough know how of this unique craft has made it possible to permeate through some very challenging installations which have usually required engineering solutions without compromising on the aesthetics of the same, hence having presence in some of the most prestigious Hotels, Public Spaces, Residences & Corporate offices in India & UAE.

Understanding the unique requirement of each space and creative briefs thereof; we combine different approaches; whether self devised cold work and kiln techniques or our flagship cast glass process using other mediums such as steel, wood, cast metal, leather, stone; we possess the ability to create an eclectic albeit one of a kind and bespoke:
  • - Feature Walls
  • - Water Bodies
  • - Atrium Sculptures
  • - Murals (Wall art)
  • - Glass/ Mixed Media Furniture (Center Tables, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Bar Cabinets etc.)
  • - Glass/ Mixed Media Screens (Area dividers etc)
  • - Site Specific Installations (Staircases etc)

Each work is completely handcrafted and often put through diametrically opposite alchemical techniques of very difficult to handle melting glass through intense fire (in our specially designed kilns) and a multitude of cold working methods at the factory based in Mumbai, India.

Keeping with the growing demand, we have recently forayed into Lighting Design or Ceiling Sculptures capturing the ‘SIXTH DIMENSION’ (Ceilings).

Other significant work includes figurines and a line of mixed medium signature sculptures by Mr.Kayur Patel.

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